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Tư vấn How to unblock tiktok account in 2022. Block on tiktok.

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    punished fairly, but could an honest person have been caught in the act? Consider how to unblock a Tik-Tok account in such a case. In this article we will tell you how to unblock TikTok account or how to register a new one without a phone number.
    Why TikTok can't ban account
    Reasons why an account can be considered legitimate:

    1. IP address bouncing.
    2. Violation of laws.
    3. Failure to comply with application rules.
    4. Apparent cheating of activity.
    These are not all the reasons why TikTok sms verification may block your account.

    What to do first to unlock your TikTok account. How to unblock TikTok account
    Human error plays an important role in the application. A moderator can make a mistake and block the wrong account or see an infringement where there is no infringement at all. In such cases, an appeal can be used, which is the only way to unblock the page:

    1. Go to your profile. You do not need to be logged in. Click on the three dots in the top right corner
    2. Select Support from the list. Click “Report a problem”
    3. Select the “Account & Profile” tab
    4. Click on “Log in…”. Select the “Account Blocked” button
    5. Indicate that the problem is not resolved
    6. In the field that appears, leave your username after the “dog” (the @ symbol). Give some arguments why the blocking is unfair. It is worth correcting and editing your message before submitting it. Don't write pages of text. You can also attach screenshots there, if available. Send a “letter” and wait for a response.

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