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    Infosys Certification Details

    Ahead of its on-campus recruitment for the 2020 batch, Infosys wants to hire 2020 graduates from off-campus. This off-campus unit has no questions or aptitude tests and is based solely on your performance in the 'Infosys Certification'. The procedure is as follows.

    Students will need to take the 'Infosys Certification' exam and score 65% or above to obtain Infosys certification.

    Once you are certified by Infosys, you will be eligible for a direct interview round with Infosys on the same day.

    The Infosys Certification is an assessment to assess your industry readiness by measuring your programming and database knowledge. You can register for the certification test only on the InfyTQ app. Anyone who is already registered with InfyTQ can register directly for the certification test and reserve a place. The registration process is detailed in this article.

    Eligibility for Infosys Certification

    You must be registered on the InfyTQ app. If you haven't already, download the app and register now. Click here to download the application.

    You must graduate in 2020 and pursue B.E., B. Tech, M.E., M. Tech, M.Sc., MCM or MCA studies.

    There is no minimum percentage required to apply for Infosys Certification. Regardless of your academic score, you are eligible.

    Infosys Certification Test Pattern, Syllabus and Its Cutoff Score

    The Infosys Certification assessment will last 3 hours. It will consist of a combination of objective and practical questions. This review does not have a negative rating.

    The syllabus for the Infosys certification test is shown in the table. The Infosys TQ website/app has courses that cover this syllabus. If you want to learn them, you can review them and then take the exam. But remember that it is not necessary to go through these modules. You can register for the certification test whenever you want.

    Fundamentals of programming using Python Object-oriented programming using Python data structures and algorithms using Python Learning DBMS and SQL Certification courses and tests are free.

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    Best Site for Preparation: https://examlabsdumps.com/others-exam-dumps/infosys-lex-certification-answers/

    100% GUARANTEED SUCCESS: Infosys Lex Certification Answers PDF Download
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